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Begin by adding one reliable realtor: Hire a listing agent who will prioritize your goals and work with you to target homebuyers who are searching during the holiday season. Those looking to relocate to your town due to a job change, a lease expiration or to be closer to family are prime candidates as holiday homebuyers. A good agent will help you specifically market your home to those audiences and entice potential buyers to attend tours. You also want a real estate agent who is a skilled negotiator. Buyers looking to secure their home before the end of the year may be ready to negotiate to meet their deadline, and you want a highly-qualified agent protecting your interest and ensuring you get the best deal.

Add a dash of holiday decor: The warm glow of holiday lights makes your home extra cozy during an open house, but as you unpack the garland and wreaths, consider which items accent the features of your home and which items may negatively distract potential buyers. A natural garland draped over the mantel will add a touch of winter greenery, but fully covering the mantel with trinkets and family photos can be more distracting than decorative. Keep holiday decor to a minimum and opt for natural, winter decor over an abundance of color.

Mix in maximum accessibility: Between family vacations and company holiday parties, potential homebuyers have limited availability for tours and showings. Keep your calendar as open as possible, but certainly block off the time you need for family and friends. Communicate your availability to your listing agent to make sure you are on the same page with available showing times.

Add a generous amount of quality year-around photos: During the holiday season, your home showing may look like a winter wonderland. Provide your real estate agent with photos of the home from warmer seasons if possible. This will give potential homebuyers a visual representation of what the property looks like when the trees are green and the plants are in bloom. Homes with high-quality images generate more traffic through online listings, and while snow blanketing the ground may be beautiful, it does not give potential buyers the clearest look at the property from first glance if that is the only photo they see.

Top it off with home showing holiday cheer:  Swap out punch and tea for hot cider, hot cocoa or eggnog during home showings and replace your standard charcuterie board with homemade cookies or holiday themed sweets. Select sweets that appeal to a broad audience such as snickerdoodle or chocolate chip cookies. While showing your home, you should consider how to appeal to potential buyers’ sense of smell. It may be tempting to light a holiday scented candle to enhance the atmosphere of the showing, but skip the strong scents and choose a lightly scented candle such as vanilla or no candle at all.

We hope you enjoy our holiday recipe for a sweet sale! Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home this holiday season, any member of our team will be happy to help you through the process. Reach out to us on our contact page or by emailing thebedrosteam@gmail.com.

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